The Story begins here....back in 1978

Sue Yeap has been training dogs since she was 15 years old. She registered the name RIGHTROYALE with the Malaysian Kennel Association in 1978. Sue has owned and showed Miniature Poodles, Pomeranians, Standard Poodle, and more recently the Curly Coated Retriever. Sue started training Mongrel dogs and other mixed breeds before moving to train the 1st Standard Poodle imported into Malaysia. Sue also trained an Afghan hound to do fun agility. Adwin and Marco were part of the "Petworld Superdogs" group performing agility shows in Penang during 1998-2001 period.

The purpose of setting up this website is to give an opportunity for young people who want to make a career in Dog Training. Even with minimal formal education, any passionate dog person can learn and make a living in training dogs for others. Dog training as a subject is very wide. Sue hopes to give her experience in dogs and dog training to those who want to make a career change. Rightroyale Dog Training Academy is focused on PRACTICAL PRACTICAL PRACTICAL. Not forgetting that theory is just as important. Dog training is a science as well as an art.

"Hard work pays. Dog training is simple but not easy"

Sue retired from the corporate world in 2015 and moved to Ipoh in 2016. She actively continues competing in the Malaysian Kennel Association Dog Sports in Obedience, Rally-Obedience and Dancing-with-Dogs (DWD). She has a 1 acre land where there is a semi-covered training area with lights, a grassy field to run and a sloping ground for training distance retrieve. 

Mal Gr Ch, International Ch, Asian Ch, Asia-Pacific Ch, Markable Jarrah Juice of Rightroyale's Nov-OB-Ch, Rally-O Nov-Ch, Rally-O Adv-Ch, Rally-O Ex-Ch is her most successful dog. Juice is a Curly-Coated Retriever. Juice needs 1 more certificate to get a DWD title and 1 more certificate to get his Rally Advanced-Excellent title.


This website is dedicated to Kofi who passed away due to cancer in 2015. Kofi is the first Curly imported into Malaysia from Australia, Markable Kennels. Kofi competed mostly in Agility, winning titles M.A.CH, JD, JDEx, GD, GSp. Kofi was a Certified Scent Dog and a Certified Tricks Dog under the Persatuan Agiliti Anjing Pulau Pinang.

Kofi travelled to the Philipines with Sue to compete in Agility and Rally-Obedience in 2009. Back then Rally-Obedience  had not come to Malaysia yet.

Together with Kofi, Sue has learnt so much in training dogs during their 10 year journey (2005-2015) together as a team.


Currently Juice, also a Curly Coated Retriever is the Role Model. Juice is 7 years old and planning to continue in dog sports 2022-2023 before retiring.