Our Team.

Our Mission

Our team consists of Sue Yeap ( Chief Trainer, head of Training modules)

  • June Low, Specialist Dog Trainer

  • Tiger Chee, Specialist Dog Trainer

  • and our furry training assistants Spring, Juice, Jasper, Jewel, Jasmine, Bailey, Brandy.

The Rightroyale Dog Trainers training model is a gradual learning to achieve personal goals and objectives. Various courses to suit your goals, time and budget. Customised Dog training packages for small groups of 3 can be arranged.



012-4015882 Sue Yeap

014-9060361 Tiger Chee

017-5206011 June Low

We are hiring assistant trainers.

Internship programs are suitable for young adults with little or no working experience.

To apply please contact Sue Yeap 0124015882