The Rightroyale Dog Trainers training model is a gradual learning to achieve personal goals and objectives. Various courses to suit your goals, time and budget. Customised Dog training packages for small groups of 3 can be arranged.

Dog Trainers Academy grounds

Internship 4 to 8 weeks

  • For people who have no formal experience in dog training.

  • Limited knowledge about dogs,

  • Have not owned a dog in the last 5 years.

  • Aged 20-40 years

  • Contact hours: 24-48 hours.

  • No FEE.

  • Looking to change career

  • Allowance RM10 per hour part time work at Rightroyale Kennels.

  • Looking to fast track your experience? Call Sue.

Curly Coated Retriever and Dobermann

Assistant Trainer Level 1

  • For people who have experience in various aspects of dog care and dog training.

  • Duration is 6-12 months

  • 100-150 contact hours total

  • Fee is RM400 per month

  • This level consist of 80% practical and 20% theory. 

  • Allowance RM10-20 per hour if working for Rightroyale Kennels.

  • Looking to fast track your experience? Call Sue.


Assistant Trainer Level 2.

  • If you have already 5 years experience in dog training, you may skip Level 1 and apply to begin Level 2.

  • Duration is 12-24 months

  • Fee is RM400 per month

  • 150-300 contact hours total

  • This level consist of 50% practical and 50% theory.

  • Allowance is RM20-40 per hour if working for Rightroyale Kennels.


Certified Dog Trainer

  • After completion of Assistant Dog Trainer Level 2 course, you can apply to be a Rightroyale Certified Dog Trainer.

  • You will sit for a 2 hour written examination and an interview.

  • Upon successful pass in the written examination and interview, and fulfilling other requirements in the application process,  you will be awarded the certificate, "Rightroyale Certified Dog Trainer"

  • Examination fee is RM500

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